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Electric Powered Hovercraft Kits And Plans

DIY hovercraft kits have a checkered history, even at this stage where the industry is so young. It seems as though it's possible to purchase a kit for almost anything, and it's certainly the American tradition - why pay for someone else to build something for you if you have the skills and resources to do it yourself, and you are confident that you can do a good job? This is one of the main points here, that and the need to make sure that the hovercraft plans are viable, with a history that can be verified online by other buyers. The first step is to check out the contents and resources you'll need access to.

Kits and plans are not the same thing. A kit may included everything you need, or just the main components apart from batteries and motors, which is not a bad thing. These items are heavy and tend to be expensive. Make sure that the items included in the kit are good quality (before you buy) by checking on forums on the internet. Once the kit arrives, lay out all the components and make sure they are all there. Take it really slow - there's no rush! Generally, quality depends heavily on the correct build procedure, so it's totally in your hands. You don't want this baby falling apart on your maiden voyage.

Once it's built, you hovercraft kit needs to be powered so make a careful choice about the motor you're going to fit. More power means more weight and lower performance for you air cushioned craft. DC electric motors are very simple and powerful, so maintenance is kept to a minimum. You simply need to check the carbon brushes regularly to check that they are not worn down and arcing, which can cause the motor to overheat. When looking for a motor try to find a compromise between power and speed. Fan speed is important, because of air flow and forward thrust requirements, but more power equals bigger batteries, which leans more weight, which is bad!

Modern batteries are getting more efficient all the time, but they are still heavy whatever the style. Old die-hards still favor nickel marine batteries, because they are are robust and last for years, or old style telephone exchange electric cells. Luckily, the electric car and bike industry is pushing down the weight and there the cost of automotive batteries, so we can use this benefit when building a hovercraft kit.


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